Who hasn’t had that experience? The clock is ticking, the deadline for your important presentation is approaching fast, and you’re just putting the finishing touches to the last few slides. And then, you find out that audience members from across the world will also be attending. You’re going to need a translation for your slides!

This is where we come in. We can translate your PowerPoint presentation with a medical content into any target language(s) you need. We have some handy hints and information for you below that should help when it comes to commissioning a specific translation and make sure that you don’t lose any valuable preparation time.

Firstly: As a professional translation agency we can translate your presentation files in a wide range of formats. This includes classic PPT and PPTX files, as well as ODP and FODP files. File types are rarely a problem, but a presentation in a PDF format is not so great, as the design of the document cannot be transferred.

It goes without saying that the layout of your presentation (including colors, alignment, font type and size) will be retained unchanged. It often happens that by the end of the translation process the text fields on the slides are no longer large enough as the sentences are longer in the target language. Italian sentences, for example, are around 15 % longer than German ones, which means a final layout adjustment, perhaps by enlarging the text fields, either before shipment or before making the presentation, is going to be necessary.

Once we’ve clarified the basics, we can start to look at the details. If there are any notes in your PowerPoint file, let your project manager at medical language service know if these also need to be translated. This should not be forgotten if the presentation is also going to be given in the foreign language. The speaker will likely be very glad of such help, as he or she will also be able to describe the content of the slides in greater detail or be ready with important keywords.

When making an inquiry or placing your order with us please let us know if you would also like to have any texts on images or diagrams that cannot be edited (e. g., screenshots) translated. Please note that in this case the text concerned must first be prepared for translation, for example, by being transferred into text fields or delivered as a (bilingual) table. We also have the tools to carry out this step as quickly and cost-efficiently as possible.

Have you hidden any slides because they are not relevant to your presentation, or are there any text passages that have already been translated? Knowing this right from the start is very helpful for us and saves time when processing the project. If you have used Excel to create embedded diagrams and would like to integrate them into your presentation medium, it is best if you send them to us separately as an Excel file.

And if you have any questions or if anything is unclear, you can email us or simply give us a call. Once we have discussed all your specifications, you can sit back and relax, as we will deliver the professionally translated content of your presentation on schedule.

By Jan Tielmann
Project Manager – medical language service